MISSION: To establish a cooperative network of non-profit academic based biologics manufacturers as a national resource to bring together clinical investigators with manufacturing capacity and expertise, develop and share facility operations expertise amongst members, provide quality, manufacturing and regulatory training opportunities, and hold annual meetings.

The association is overseen by a term-limited committee of academic manufacturing professionals that will develop policy and procedures, establish subcommittees, promote annual conferences on topics relevant to academic manufactures, and provide a web portal for AABM members and investigators.

AABM Provides Facility operators with a common point for...
  • Sharing ideas, knowledge and expertise with peers
  • Connecting clinical investigators with manufacturing capacity
  • Opportunities for collaboration and partnerships
  • Discussions on manufacturing, QA and QC challenges
  • Resource for facility design and operation
  • Sharing of experience and procedures
  • Updates on current trends and news in cGMP manufacturing
  • Source for training and job opportunities
  • Access to FDA links on regulatory guidance
  • Potential future for symposia and journal development
AABM Provides Clinical Investigators with a common point for...
  • Locating academic cGMP manufacturing capacity
  • A resource for connecting with regulatory expertise
  • Opportunities for collaboration and partnership
  • Information and discussion on the regulatory process
  • Job opportunities in academic manufacturing
  • Information on future symposia

To become a registered facility, you must have, or plan to build, a cGLP or cGMP compliant manufacturing facility located on and operated by a recognized academic organization. One person will be the member's representative, but many people from the same organization, associated with the facility, can register and participate.

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National Stem Cell Bank (NSCB)
The National Stem Cell Bank (NSCB) is a repository for the pluripotent stem cell lines listed on the NIH Stem Cell Registry. These cells are eligible for use in federally funded research in the United States. The goal of the National Stem Cell Bank is to grow, characterize and distribute the cell lines listed on the registry, and to provide comprehensive technical support to stem cell researchers around the world.

The NSCB is led by Drs. Derek Hei and James Thomson.

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