COBRE Protein Production Core Facility
directed by Philip Gao
(785) 864-3406
a member since 8/14/2008

Contact Info

For information contact
Philip Gao.

(785) 864-3406
University of Kansas
1090 SBC, Protein Production Group
2034 Becker Dr
Lawrence, KS 66047

(785) 864-3406
(785) 864-8141

Services Provided

This facility provides research grade material and offers production support to both Academics and Companies.

Misc Services

  • Genetic engineering of protein
  • protein expression and purification

Biologics Produced

  • Vaccines
  • recombinant proteins from bacteria and yeast
  • Recombinant Proteins
  • Bacteria

Vector Support

  • Yeast and bacterial systems
  • Plasmid DNA
  • Pichia pastoris and E. coli

About this facility

COBRE Protein Production Core Facility expresses and purifies properly folded proteins in quantities suitable for structural studies (X-ray and NMR), functional studies (catalytic, biological), binding studies (SPR) and/or HTP screening studies. The AKTA purifier system is designed for high-performance purification and characterization of proteins, peptides and nucleic acids. It is equally at home with routine procedures of any complexity, with scouting and method optimization. The AKTA purifier system offers several key features: a high level of automation and a method wizard minimize preparation, run-time, and repetitive tasks while retaining flexibility for easy manual operation. In addition, the PPG assists investigators in protein characterization by means of 1D/2D electrophoresis, isoelectric focussing, and surface plasmon resonance.