USC Stem Cell Core Facility
directed by Victoria Fox
a member since 3/19/2012

Contact Info

For information contact
Sunny D Bhalla.

University of Southern California
1425 San Pablo Street
BCC 205B
Los Angeles, CA 90033


Services Provided

This facility provides research grade material and offers production support to both Academics and Companies.

Biologics Produced

  • Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Recombinant Proteins

About this facility

The USC Stem Cell Core facility is a CIRM funded comprehensive support center and central hub for the provision of knowledge, resources and state of the art technology to researchers working with stem cells. Our primary aims are to facilitate stem cell and biomedical research at USC and the LA area and to develop new technologies for working with pluripotent stem cells.  We offer a wide range of services in the following areas:   
Download USC Stem Cell Core 2012 Services flyer
Cells and Reagents
Reproducibility in experimental science is dependent on homogeneity and consistency.  One of the primary aims of the USC Stem Cell Core is to standardize stem cell research by providing quality controlled cells and reagents.     
The USC Stem Cell Core is a shared laboratory space housing communal cell culture workstations, a state of the art imaging core, spectral karyotyping facilities, a Q-PCR machine, fully equipped molecular biology work stations and a variety of equipment for performing histological analysis. Flow cytometry and high content screening equipment are made available through the FACS core.   
Laboratory Space
As a shared research facility we offer communal laboratory space for investigators to conduct collaborative or start up research involving stem cells. Our goal is to expand stem cell research in the LA area and to encourage collaboration between novice and seasoned researchers.
Technical Assistance
The USC Stem Cell Core is staffed with a team of highly experienced technicians, boasting a combined technical expertise of over 60 years. We provide comprehensive assistance, which includes a biobanking and histology service.    
Training and Education 
Training and education are pivotal to the advancement of Stem Cell Research.  The USC Stem Cell Core offers a broad range of educational services including technical protocols, one on one customized training and a week long course covering human pluripotent stem cell culture techniques.
Research and Development
The USC Stem Cell Core Research and Development program was established with two main aims: 1) to develop and centralize new technologies for working with human pluripotent stem cells,  2) to support researchers embarking on collaborative and pilot projects.