Cientive Group
directed by Vijay Thukral
a member since 4/9/2012

Contact Info

For information contact
Vijay Thukral.

Cientive Group


Services Provided

This facility provides research grade material and offers production support to both Academics and Companies.

Misc Services

  • Statistical analysis
  • mathematical algorithm development
  • system level mathematical modeling

About this facility

Cientive is a modeling and simulation company that develops algorithms and in silico models for simulation and testing where they specifically apply their knowledge in the areas of immunology, diabetes, and clinical trial studies.  More specifically, Cientive creates testing platforms to investigate overall system performance and safety.  Use of a physiological-based model of the patient, elaborating various use cases under varied operational conditions, further expands the use of simulation-based approaches to help study patient-therapy response.  Similar to “hardware in the loop” one could further have the overall system built and verified to perform, ”patient-in-the-loop” clinical trials.