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Aida E. Sterin Prync.

Ramos Mejía 1018
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, C1405CAN

54 (11) 5238-7500 ext. 3106

Services Provided

This facility provides research grade material and offers production support to Academics.

Misc Services

  • MEF cells
  • reprogramming technology
  • research grade working cell bank
  • Quality Control.

Biologics Produced

  • Isolation and culture of human fibroblast
  • Isolation and culture Human mesenchymal stroma cells from umbilical cord.
  • Human iPS cells

Vector Support

  • None

About this facility

PLAtaforma de lulas MAdre reprogramadas (Human iPS Platform)

Structure and Members

PLACEMA is a non-for-profit association between three members: Institute Leloir Foundation (Leloir), FLENI and VEINFAR and has been created after receiving a specific grant from the Ministry of Science and Technology of Argentina.

Leloir is a private, non- for-profit organization, recognized as a Latin America´s leading research center in the life sciences for over six decades

FLENI is non-for profit foundation devoted to the medical care and research of the neurological and cardiac diseases. FLENI was founded 50 years ago and it is currently recognized by its excellence in the medical field in South America.

VEINFAR is an Argentinean pharmaceutical Company founded in 1967 with an excellent reputation due to the manufacturing of medical products for injection, oral or ophthalmic liquids, creams and gels.

One main strength of PLACEMA is the complementarities of its constituents. Leloir has a vast experience in basic and translational investigation using cell culture and animal models of disease. FLENI possesses a wide trajectory in clinical research of neurological and cardiac diseases and has developed a competitive team in translational research. VEINFAR owns recognized experience in the development of pharmaceutical products under GMP conditions and can perform stringent quality control tests. The articulation among research laboratories-pharmaceutical industry-clinic provides an efficient array of expertise to facilitate clinical translation under international standards. In summary, PLACEMA holds all necessary expertise to develop its objectives.


PLACEMA ´s technology is solely based on cell reprogramming and differentiation.

The general objectives of PLACEMA are to:

·         provide cell reprogramming and differentiation services according to the highest international standards

·         contribute to the development of human resources in the field of reprogramming

·         develop critical mass in the field of reprogramming in research groups and the private sector

·         intensify the international scientific cooperation in the field of cell therapy and reprogramming.

The specific objectives of PLACEMA are to provide three different types of services:

The type 1 service is meant to develop Human iPS cell lines to be used by research and development groups as in vitro disease models.  ALREADY ON GOING

The type 2 service is focused on developing a panel of iPS and hepatic, cardiac and neuronal cell lines that represent the Argentine population and could be used by the pharmaceutical industry as substrates for toxicology assays for drugs. IN THE NEXT FUTURE

The type 3 service seeks to produce clinical grade iPS and derived cells to be used in regenerative therapies under strict clinical trials settings. The main focus of this service is on Parkinson ´s Disease. IN THE NEXT FUTURE

Services 2 and 3 are developed under GMP-grade conditions.

PLACEMA will have two functional seats: one in FLENI in its new complex in the Province of Buenos Aires and another in Leloir/INIS in the City of Buenos Aires. Both seats will provide the three services but starting from different donor cells and differentiating into distinct phenotypes.